why is disingenuous T-Mobile now removing the chat when you talk to an agent


Once upon a time with Tmobile, the chats were just there for many years when you have a chat with a T-Mobile representative and then they also text  you and send you their id and name… now the conversation gets erased immediately, Unless you screenshot certain things the next representative you talk to Khols you are a liar and says you never had that conversation with anyone even though they can see the chat but now you can’t see it make sure you guys screen shoot your things and I’m gonna end up leaving Tmobile. It’s been 23 years. In the last few years have been a nightmare.

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It's still there. You just need to be signed into your mytmobile account plus they also just changed their hours to 7am-12am CST.


The chat is still there however when you go back to review your chat, it disappeared and I spoke to them about that today. They said there was a glitch in the system and within 24 to 48 hours that will stop happening and the conversations that I’ve had with representatives will reappear we shall see.