Disappointed Loyal T-Mobile Customer!!

  • 3 January 2024
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I would like feedback and to put this situation out there for many to read about the dissatisfying experiences I have had with T-Mobile so maybe I can save the next person from going through the bad experience that I have. I am a loyal, on time, bill paying customer of t-mobile for 3 years now, My bill is extremely high for only having one line but I dont complain because I do value the perks I get with my acount to be honest. But last month really did it for me. My bill was $40 higher than normal, so $161 as opposed to $121 normally. So I called customer service and inquired, turns out it shows I placed an international call for 11 minutes totally $33.41 but I have never called internationally so I asked them to look into it. and the first rep. told me that it wasnt made from my phone number so it was a mixup on their end and they would remove the charge. Then a week went by and the  charge was still there so I called back and spoke to a gentlemen who informed me that I called a united states registered phone number but that possibly the person on the other end was international roaming at the time. Which as well is not my problem so why am I being charged if they were roaming. He said he would remove the charge, then another week goes by and its time to pay my bill but the charge is still there. By the way, the rep I talked to second was very rude and unprofessional, he literally called me a liar to my face saying I knew I was calling internationally. Beyond all this I called again tonight after I did a little digging myself, I googled the phone number on my bill and all that pops up is that it is a scam  that the number registers as a united states nuimber when it really comes from jamaca. So again, proof I had no idea that I made an international call but the ultimately refuse to compromise on the billing discrepancy with me and I dont want to break my contract so Im stuck, this is how they treat their customers apparently so heads up people when dealing with T-Mobile be ready to swallow whatever they say cuz they don’t buidge. Someone help me please!!!! What should I do????? 

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