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  • 4 January 2024
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It appears from my experience in the last 2 days that the ability for a private conversation between myself and an authorized employee of T-mobile no longer exists.  I dial their support line, and after waiting a total of 2 hours across the 2 day period, all I receive is a telephone answering recording to either use the t-mobile app or to use this “community” forum.  


I logged into the T-mobile app. I tried to find a way to establish a private communication channel via the app.  Under “contact” it only lists the support number.  This takes me back to the recorded message which directs me to the t-mobile app or to this forum.  I appears that the app does not provide a means of private communications. It appears that the application is only designed to transact purchase new services, terminate services, and make payments.  It appears information concerning conformation of transactions is not available on the web-site. 


Clearly by the contents of this forum it is NOT a private communication channel. 


Is this a change in the company’s concern for my security an privacy?


My experience with internet communications is dim. I don’t not trust the response that appears to come from an authorized company representative via interactive internet methods.  In the past I have been hacked out of $400.00 via internet communications.

My conclusion is that T-mobile is no longer provides a private and secure method of communications. If I am wrong, please provide evidence that proves my conclusion is false. 

I will not accept a communication channel for which I did not initiate the conversation to a company published method.  I do not accept delayed responses via email nor messages. I am aware of the “man in the middle” capabilities of hackers. I have been hacked via the telephone as well as the internet. I understand the vulnerability of these electronic mechanisms and their lack of security protections. I also realize the ability of hackers to mask their identity. If you are not aware of this situation, then I suggest you investigate what is possible. 

My guess: Why should I be surprised at this; expect anything different. Isn’t it just the way of business. Let's get real!







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seeing as how youre not the most trusting when it comes to doing things over the net...this leave you with walking into a physical store..



if you DO decide to do the net route then i would recommend contacting them through either Facebook or Twitter..this starts you with tier 2 support over the call in tier 1 support agents. if this is to much then revert back to the first option.