Would l get the bundle price.

  • 30 August 2023
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I have the T-Mobile Home Internet which is $55. If l add the Essentials phone plan, (l am over 55) would l get the bundle price?

3 replies


No, the Essential plan is $40, but would l get the price reduction?


Go to it clearly states the bundle plan is $40 bundled with Essentials. I only have the Home internet with T-Mobile so if l get the phone plan bundle would my Home Internet price be reduced?  l do not have a phone plan with T-Mobile.

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you’ll have to ask TMO..this is primarily a peer to peer assistance site.


also keep in mind that it would be $40 if you also did auto pay...without i think it’ll be $45…


if possible i recommend contacting them through either Facebook or Twitter..this starts you off with tier 2 assistance over the call in tier 1 assistance.