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  • 25 July 2023
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Why does TMobile Tuesday offer free 6 months of Apple TV+ and states in the fine print it's for new and qualified existing customers but then try to redeem the offer on it says It's only for new customers? How do we fix that issue? I tried apple tv for the first time when I used the offer in the past and now pay $6.99 a month so since the fine print says new or qualified existing customers why can't I get the deal?

7 replies

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Check in your Mytmobile account for line add ons. If it's available you can add it to your account. That's where the offer is for me.

@tdk439 same issue with me - tried the promo yesterday and got the same response - same situation as you...I chatted with a rep and thought the rep fixed it but what actually happened is Apple TV+ was added to my account @ $6.99 a month…which I had removed...😣 I’m going attempt another chat as calling a rep for a conversation was extremely hard to “understand”...


I spoke to a rep at a store and they told me I would need a different plan but that plan would cost me $50 more a month. Obviously I didn't go that route.

@tdk439 clearly they need to change (correct) the terms and restrictions to say that 😒

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@tdk439 clearly they need to change (correct) the terms and restrictions to say that 😒

it says it on their streaming promos page.


Apple TV+ now included with Go5G Plus plan.

Stream award-winning Apple Originals at no extra cost for as long as you have Go5G Plus. Or get it for 6 months ON US with the Go5G plan.

@fireguy_6364 Thanks for the input! I understand their promo page but this was an offer that was on the T-Mobile Tuesdays app - they give “freebies” every week...terms on the offer say “Only 1 offer/account, new and qualified returning Apple TV+ customers only” makes it sound like if you’re a returning Apple TV+ customer you can get the offer - they need to make it more clear that you need to be a “certain” type of account with T-mobile - I’m not the only one that read it to mean All could get this offer within the T-Mobile Tuesday just wasn’t clear at all...

I got apple tv when I signed up can anyone tell me how to sign in on my tv . I used my email and pw and it wouldn't log in