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  • 13 February 2024
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We have been fine before the update change to “T-Life”, we both are not with T-Mobile, but with Metro by T-Mobile, we have the 2 lines for $80. 

This new app keeps wanting us to sign up for T-Mobile ID etc, but can’t do this because it says we have a Metro by T-Mobile phone number, Metro by T-Mobile reps is clueless about this.

So wanted to find out if T-Mobile has a solution for this?

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9 replies


I’m curious about using T-Mobile id as well.  

Ever since the update to T-Life mine no longer works either... I hope they come up with a solution to this issue. 


I've been talking to T-MOBILE Phone/Social Media etc trying to get this resolved.

Countless E-Mailing back and forth.

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JetWaveTV, thank you! I called and although the representative was friendly, the advice that was given was to uninstall/reinstall the app-- which didn’t work. 

Unfortunately, the new T-Life app will not allow customers with Metro phone numbers to redeem T-Moble Tues offers. (It’s all about your phone number, as you can get a T-Mobile ID without a T-Mobile phone number; that’s how I’m posting here). At any rate, fingers crossed they get this sorted out asap :-) 



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I have Small Business Internet and have been unable to access the T-Mobile Tuesdays offers since the T-Life app rollout except for briefly after an app upgrade which has since been superseded and I’m back to not being eligible.

I didn’t notice this before, so assuming it’s an addition made in the latest app update. On the “tell us what you have” page where you choose T-Mobile phone number or Internet Gateway, there is a small disclaimer that says “This doesn’t include Metro and T-Mobile for Business Internet gateways or phone numbers.” The only other option on that page is “I have neither” and selecting that just takes you to only being able to manage the router and having no access to the deals.

It should be noted that I got an email from T-Mobile Business on Feb. 26 touting my Magenta Status and directing me to download the app. My business account page also touts at the top of the page “Congrats! You’ve got Magenta Status. Take your business further with 15% off hotels across all Hilton brands, EV recharge on Us at Hertz, refuel on Us at Dollar, exclusive entertainment benefits, & Thanks every Tuesday.​” I’m fine if they’ve decided I don’t qualify, but they shouldn’t say I am if I’m not.


Solution (At least for me)

Get a new SIM card from Metro by T-Mobile, I've had a free one shipped out by T-Mobile updated the ICCID to the new card and to my surprise.

The switch to the new SIM card, now works with T-Mobile Tuesdays (T-Life)


How did you get the new Sim card?


I was speaking to the T-Mobile App Debugging Team I believe.


You can access this menu by "shaking the phone", one you have it opened. Looks like this 


They helped out a lot.

I was speaking to the T-Mobile App Debugging Team I believe.


You can access this menu by "shaking the phone", one you have it opened. Looks like this 


They helped out a lot.

Why in the hell don’t any of the metro customer service folks know about this error reporting method through the app?  Pretty poor customer service all around with this one.