2 T Mobile Gateways?

  • 24 September 2022
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I currently have a Nokia gateway through TMobile and me and my son both work from home and have our computers plugged into it.  I, however, will be moving my office to the basement, 2 floors down, and with VPN on wireless, the speed drops substantially.  Is there a way to have 2 TMobile gateways, 1 just designated to my computer alone, or is there a better way to get us both hooked up to the 1 without a substantial cost and headache?  Mind you, my daughter also has her computer and streams on her TV on the 3rd floor, and we now have about 12 devices total utilizing the gateway, 10 on wireless.

Thanks for any help!

1 reply

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Perhaps look into getting a set of powerline ethernet adapters. They use your houses wiring as a replacement to running ethernet cables. You’d plug one adapter in by the gateway and the other down in your basement and then plug your ethernet cables into both adapters (one to the gateway and one to your computer). As long as both outlets are on the same main household circuit, it should work. Not sure how much of a performance hit you might get versus plugging in directly to the gateway, but probably considerably less of a hit than you’re having with Wi-Fi.

As for getting a second gateway as an option, you’d have to determine what kind of signal quality you would get in your basement. It assumedly would not be as good as where you currently have it and would likely affect your speed.