$200.00 gift card

  • 19 March 2023
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When I signed up i got a key to enter for $200.00 cash card. How do I do that


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6 replies

You have to have a T-Mobile ID for the internet account I order to request it. You have to use the URL they provided.

I only received a 100 dollar one but if you still haven’t figured it out yet I can post you a link

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Hi @beaubeau,

Could you post that link?  I could use it too.  Thanks!

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And get $200 back when you switch to T-Mobile Home Internet via virtual Prepaid Mastercard® in 12 weeks. See below for full terms. Spots are limited in your area.

Of course they could not find my original request from four months ago. So the CSR said to resubmit a new one. I got another tracking ID. I’ll hold off judgement till I see if they can’t locate this request again… 



The website said $200 when I signed up for T-mobile Home Internet in June 10th.  Now the rebate link isn’t even working and I haven’t received any info from T-mobile on it.  Long time t-mobile customer and am hoping this is not some kind of bate and switch by T-mobile.  They need to fix asap.   

Did not receive any info or code fro $200 rebate code for 2 phones