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Where do I send a complaint??? I have been trying to get an issue corrected for MONTHS and just today I spent over 2 hours on the phone to not have it corrected but instead have money taken out of my account!!!  Even when I was told by a SUPERVISOR that she was going to fix it! 

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You can try the following:

When you land on that page there is a chat window at the bottom right. When it prompts you for an entry put “unresolved issue” then as you proceed with a “live agent” it will prompt you to login. Once you login then you can explain the long running problem and explain the current situation. Most likely they will steer the conversation up the chain to a customer retention specialists or a manager that can help. If you have a case ID for prior conversations they should be able to look up the information and see details. If it is not just a tech issue but also account/billing etc… related this might help. That same page provides phone numbers but my experience with the live chat was helpful

Hopefully they can either resolve the problem or get it on the right path to resolution. 

In a similar boat with you but is has only been every single day this week.  I’ve been on the phone for hours as well as a couple of hours in a T-Mobile store.  At this point I truly hate T-Mobile.  I found this email address and hope it works.

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I found the chat on that page effective. There was no problem understanding what was typed. I did not have to hold or wait for a call back. I was there just ~an hour ago and went right to the login to get a live agent. Now it is after business hours, I think, but early in the a.m. before the day ramps up too much it is usually a reasonable path to take to have the conversation.