5G Gateway Internet speed slow

  • 12 November 2023
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My gateway was working good awhile ago then I recently moved houses and this whole week its internet has now been slow, when gaming it only gets up to 3kbs. Its really not good for online games nor download speed even though in the app it says it has very good internet speed it clearly isnt. I would like help to see why this is happening


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3 replies

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I believe your router is geo-locked to the towers near your original address.  If you moved, you may have to get your router updated to your new location.

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@Rogracer2000 is correct. Also, make sure you use the Placement Assistant in the T-MOBILE Internet app to ensure you have your gateway in the optimal location. And, try rotating it about a 1/8th turn and then check the advanced 5G metrics to see if they improve. It may just be a placement issue. Otherwise, I would ask TM to update my device location to your new address. 

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@LoveButterPlays, keep this in mind (from the TMO HI FAQ):

 “Customers are required to call T-Mobile prior to moving to confirm that their new address is eligible for service. If T-Mobile Home Internet is available at the new address, you can use it as soon as you move in. If a customer moves without notifying T-Mobile, they may not be eligible for service. Please call 1-855-945-2943 to set up a change of address.