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  • 4 October 2022
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Why is my 5g Home Internet so slow. When I first got it I was getting 300 to 400 mbps downloads.  This morning I was lucky to get 73 mbps.  Was told maintenance on the tower was the cause but today it’s even worse.  I keep getting Gateway Bad ERROR.  Is this because of too many people getting the system?  I took it over to my sisters to see what was there and the same problem.  Is it the Gateway (router) or some other problem?

2 replies

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Before you jump to another gateway with the unit powered off remove and re-insert the SIM card. It might be the gateway has an electronic problem but trying a reseat of the SIM card might be a good first step. Getting as much information out of the gateway as you can to know what all it can report might also help. Does it service wireless locally? Does the LED display show a cellular connection and if so how many bars? If you have the Arcadyan or the newer Sagemcon gateway use the T-Mobile home internet mobile application and get as much of the cellular reporting as you can from it. 

It could be the gateway has made a connection to another tower resulting in the bandwidth reduction or maybe there have been changes made on the equipment at the tower. It is hard to say for sure. The error you see “Gateway Bad ERROR”, in what context do you see this message?  If you are seeing 502 Bad Gateway error in a browser this indicates there is/was a problem with the communication with one of the servers. 

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