5G home internet keeps dropping

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The problem is that this is a wireless connection and not a normal land connection like fiber optics. It all lies in the security protocol where they are using a dynamic IP address which assigned to you by your internet service provider (T-Mobile) and is subject to change. This means that your IP address can and will change each time you connect to the internet, or while you are connected which causes the issue.  This makes it a bit harder for criminal hackers to monitor your online habits.  Until they switch over to a static IP this issue will continue to happen.  Nothing you do on your end will solve the problem as you will see by reading the other posts.  

That shouldn't be an issue. If the 5g cell phone I'm currently using doesn't drop, the gateway shouldn't be dropping it's connection either. 

This is clearly an issue with the gateway and nothing else. Likely poorly or cheaply designed. 

If I find another provider, I'll be cancelling my service too. Because this is getting old. 

I’m having a problem with T-Mobile 5g home internet that has not been resolved despite many calls in to the help line.  I’ve had T-Mobile 5g home internet for almost a month now, and the short version is that every so often the gateway drops the network.  When I say “drop the network,” I mean to say it throws everything off of the Wifi that it’s broadcasting, and anything plugged in via ethernet says “no network found.  (To elaborate this point, cell phones switch to cellular data because wifi is gone for them, and computers hardwired into the gateway think that they are no longer plugged into anything.)  Turning off the gateway and turning it back on resolves the issue, but doesn’t prevent it from happening again.  Whatever is happening doesn’t seem to affect our connection speed/strength when the gateway IS providing signal to devices in the home, but due to the nature of our work, we need a connection that won’t just disconnect randomly.  


To address this, T-mobile has so far run a bunch of tests on their end, and seem to have ruled out a tower issue (which makes sense, as the tower shouldn’t have anything to do with whether or not the devices on the gateway’s wifi or ethernet connection get thrown off of the network.)  They’ve sent me a replacement gateway, which is experiencing the exact same problem (3 times in the last 36 hours, in fact).   I’ve noticed that the device gets pretty warm, so I set up a computer case fan as a cooler to force air through the device, thinking that perhaps it’s an issue with the device overheating.  However, while the gateway is notably cooler than it was without the fan, it has not prevented the issue from persisting.  The last thing that I can think to do (and my most recent attempt at resolving this issue) is to plug a router into the gateway via ethernet, and allow the router to handle the wifi/connections w/ devices in the house, and to disable wifi from the gateway all together.  Maybe the gateway is simply too overburdened with connections and gets somehow overwhelmed and shuts down, and having the router handle the “heavy lifting” of taking care of all of the individual device connections will resolve it?  I don’t have a great deal of faith that this will fix the issue (as the gateway also kicks ethernet things off of the network when it experiences this problem), but I’m running out of options/ideas of what to do in order to just get a stable, constant internet service.   


Is anybody else having this issue, has anybody resolved this issue, or does anybody have any advice or feedback regarding how I might get this resolved so that I can get back to having stable internet?

I have had this issue for several weeks, and the frequency of the internet dropping has increases.  I have contacted T-Mobile numerous time and have been told that the cell tower nearest me is being repaired or updated.  I have not been given a date as to when this will end, and I’m now researching new providers.

Same issue after trial period now streaming lags, but my cameras stay on which is good. I cannot stream on more than one TV and definitely cannot have my phones on the wifi or it starts buffering

I’m having the same issue.  I have 5 bars out of 5 pretty much all the time, though.  I wonder if I should switch back to a non-wireless ISP, or let them replace the tower, which, either way, requires me to re-setup all the wifi-devices in my house, though. 

I have the same problem every three months or so. (I do not leave my hotspot plugged in, I turn it off when I’m done). I call T-Mobile, have to wait for a call back, then the CSR tries to be uber friendly without actually helping me, and I try not to get irritated because they obviously have no idea or ability to do anything - and when I finally get transferred to the tech queue, my call is dropped. So I have to start allll over again. Every three months.  Except tonight. Tonight I’m done. I can’t get on the internet (thank god for my phone being a different provider). I called, got CSR’d, got dropped by the tech line, AGAIN. 

I’m tired of calling, tired of eventually being told “oh, a tower’s down” - I’m going to have to look for another provider. I’m tired of getting this run around, when it’s obvious they’ve bought up so many people’s accounts (like Mint now) that they are probably exceeding capacity and so don’t care if I leave after ten years. Fine. 

I have the same internet dropping problem. I am using Nokia 5G21 gateway. Has anybody used or tested with any other brand or model gateway?

I have a time switch that turns off the gateway in the night and turns on in the morning. That does not solve the problem. Sometimes it loses connection only 1-2 hours after turning on.

Black tower, was good for a little over a month but started doing random resets today.