Can't chromecast streaming services on T-mobile Home Internet

  • 20 February 2021
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Had 1st gen chromecast stick. Could Chromecast Disney and Amazon, but not YouTube (just balck screen then back to screensaver) or Netflix. In fact, Netflix app on my phone couldn’t even load content.

Went out and bought brand new Chromecast 3rd gen with Google TV. Couldn’t really get through the setup from my Home app on the phone, and had to do it on screen with the remote and on-screen keyboard. The Google TV on the Chromecast which has streaming apps, like a smart TV, works, but if I try and cast YouTube from my phone or laptop, I get exactly the same results as I had before.

I used an older wifi router to setup a separate wifi network (2.4GHz only) and connected the Chromecast and phone to that and plugged that into T-Mobile trashcan ethernet port. Worked fine, but the older router is too slow for my tastes. So it’s the T-Mobile’s WiFi that’s the problem, not modem part.


Thanks for posting this, I was about to buy a new Chromecat.

This is what I did and it worked: 

I bought a wireless router and hooked it up to the modem and connected my Chromecast through the new router I bought.   Not ideal, and it shouldn't be necessary, but it works great. 


I tried nearly every other solution I could find.  If nothing else works for you,  try this. 

As a further follow up I wanted to see what would happen if I did a factory reset on the Internet and reset everything up.

I have two Chromecast devices and also factory reset them so everything was fresh.

  • Chromecast Ultra - Setup went smoothly, everything said connected. When testing it NOPE! No playback just black screen from PC unless I chose Desktop screen which is not what i want.  youTube from phone came back saying couldn’t connect
  • Chromecast (this one is older) Setup went smoothly, everything said connected. When tested...SUCCESS! worked without a hitch from both phone and PC.  Why this one has no issues and the other does is beyond me.

The only changes i made was taking everything back to factory settings.

With that being said, we won’t go into the nightmare of changing Sonos speakers to a new network is going!  ;)