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  • 13 November 2023
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Cellphones and Chromebook connected to the network without issue.  Dell laptop is another story.  Asks for USER ID and PWORD but rejects the default entries printed on the tower.  I assume I must have changed these during the initial setup but can’t recall what I would have used for the USER ID.  (Pretty sure on the PWORD).  How do I find the current USER ID?  (sorry--not a very tech savvy user)


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@SCTTAWHLR, Is your Dell laptop running Windows?  Where in the process of connecting to your network does it ask you User ID and Password?  


In the app on your phone select NETWORK on the bottom line.  Tap the red arrow to the right of the displayed network(s).  It will display the network name in the clear and password.  To view the password tap the eyeball at the right side.


When I go to Settings on the laptop and select Network & Internet is shows “Not connected”.  I then go to show available networks and select my home network.  When “Connect automatically” is selected--it says it can’t connect and Troubleshooting states the PC isn’t set up to connect automatically to that network. If I don’t have “Connect automatically” checked, I still get the same response.  It is Windows10.  I also get a “Problem with wireless adapter or access point”.’


This laptop in the same configuration worked fine when on Verizon and worked fine today when I took it to work and accessed that network


Any help is appreciated.


Along with former Verizon and today’s work network, I just now made an easy connection with my laptop via my spouse’s MiFi.  Don’t know why the laptop can’t connect to TMHI,