Constant 400mb usages every 9-10 minutes by the gateway

  • 12 November 2023
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Got my gateway a little over a week ago and the data usage is off the charts. My gateway is constantly using exactly 400mb every 9-10 minutes. I’ve only got a couple devices connected (3 phones and 2 TV’s). When I look at the usage log it started from day 1 and constant hits for exactly 400mb. Anyone else experiencing something similar? It’s as if the gateway is download updates and doesn’t finish. It happens at all hours of the day and night. 

5 replies

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I do agree the almost exactly 400 MB looks odd, but that adds up to about 2.5 GB/hour.   That is about what a single TV streaming at 1080p @ 60 Hz would demand. So that isn’t really “all that much”. Are you saying this happens when all your devices are switched off though?  If that’s the case, then it definitely sounds like a problem.   What is your data usage total over a month?

Did you ever figure this out? Mine is doing the exact same thing

Mine is also doing the exact same thing. Often overnight when I should not be using much data at all.

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overnight is usually when most things update. phones, tablets etc..might be what youre seeing.


Yep, having the same problem with my Connect by T-Mobile phone plan. During the past week like clockwork, I am showing a data usage of exactly100 MB multiple time per day, which uses up my 3.5 GB of data very quickly. I have the bare minimum of apps of the phone and don’t update most of the apps. I don’t stream videos and only do some basic web browsing. T-Mobile customer support could only recommend turning my mobile data off when not using the phone. See data usage for 01/27/2024 below…