• 31 July 2022
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When I started my service I paid for services up front. I got behind 1x and my bill is $50 reconnect is $20. Says so on the email. Called to pay on automated it was then charging $38. I asked to talk with a representative the representative apologized  took off the $20 fee for the trouble-appreciated. Then was told I owed $99 because of billing schedule! It is $50 a month for services that when bill is paid it's paid for up coming month because I paid $50 from first month services on up to current. I come home to find I was shut off for non-payment! Is anyone else having this problem of over charges and their billing schedules?

1 reply

Not with this company but with similar situations I found that spelling it out step by step seems to help… for example “Okay, I paid $50 on March 3rd for service from March-April, I paid $50 on April 4th for service from April-May, on April 28th I paid $50 for service May-June, on June 1st I paid $50 for June-July, on July 2nd I paid $50 for July-August so according to my records I only owe for the August payment which I tried to pay yesterday but you guys turned off my service. Can you tell my why?” as you go through that they SHOULD be able to confirm each of those payments & if there’s a discrepancy you’d be able to show it was paid via your bank statement. After that’s all squared away it should be clear where the discrepancy (if there is one) is coming from, if it’s on your end you can pay but if it’s on their end I’d point out that you spent X amount of hours figuring out what turned out to be their mistake. If that’s the case I’d ask for a $50 bill credit (plus them dropping the restore fee & reconnecting your service immediately) because of the time you had to spend identifying & dealing with their mistake. It’s hard to say if you’ll get it but it’s worth trying. Of course be kind to the person you’re speaking to because they are just doing their job and it’s not likely that they caused the issue. Don’t be afraid to ask for a supervisor if needed either. Good luck.