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  • 23 March 2021
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Home internet was told I would be in 5G coverage area but map only shows 4G. Modem shows 4 signal bars. When I reboot modem I get download speeds up to about 62 meg. After about 5 or 6  minutes it drops to anywhere from 8 to 15. Is there possibly something wrong with the modem? Has been this way since I got it about a month ago.


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Check out this Home Internet troubleshooting guide for a possible fix to your issue.

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I continue to get 500-600 Mbps download from my iPhone 12 Pro Max in Wi-Fi 6 connection mode to the High Speed Gateway.    And I originally was getting 250-300 Mbps download from a Windows 10 laptop in Wi-Fi 5 connection mode.

Then the laptop speed suddenly was reduced to 25 Mbps.   Turned out it was due to a fully populated 8-port ethernet switch that I connected to a Gateway LAN port.    I moved the switch back to an Orbi Router that I have connected to the Gateway in Access Point mode, and  Wi-Fi download speeds immediately returned to previous good levels.

Similar story here, I am in densely populated metro area on East coast, T-Mobile said they rolled out 5G home internet signal here so I pulled the trigger and got their 5G gateway device (Nokia). But I’m in a condo building which faces away from a major street which shows it has 5G signal-- so the best connection I can get anywhere around the interior is 3 of 5 bars, it settled on Band 12, and using “speed test” on Google it gets around 25MB/sec down and around 5MB/sec up with a ping in the 30ms range. So basically I’m paying for 5G service but only getting 4G actual…..still, it does perform equally to the existing service I had, thru Cox internet. 

I also connected mine to my existing setup which is a router to its WAN ethernet, and turned off all the Nokia’s 2.5G and 5G wifi broadcasts (12 in total!) I had to use the pulldown menu in the web GUI on each, select them individually to turn off broadcasting. They need to do some serious redesign of their GUI to make stuff like changing those settings a LOT easier. Prior to turning off the wifi, I could only manage 2 of 5 bars for the gateway incoming signal-- since turning them all off, it’s solid 3 of 5. 

Getting between 5mps and 45mps...fluctuates a lot...only had it for 4 days now but kind of disappointed...won’t hook up the rest of my devices unless I see it stabilize...

 I fully understand your concern-- BTW did you monitor the LED screen on the gateway or the web GUI and note the signal strength and the band/frequency connection it established? Just curious-- :wink:

4-5 bars signal strength,,,B66 primary signal, N71 secondary

I see, thanks. It is a mystery why your connection quality fluctuates so much, yet you have a strong connection as that-- I’m still learning about what may affect the connection quality to get unexpectedly low performance in spite of the indicators showing such a good signal as yours…..

neighbor told me he saw men working on the tower installing more transmitters last week..perhaps they are not finished with it...I can see the tower from my front yard so will keep watching...