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  • 2 March 2023
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I have T=mobile home internet router in my living room.    I use my laptop in the living room.  The signal is good in this room.  My printer is in a back room and does not get a good signal with my router, so I have a hard time printing wirelessly from the living room to the back room.  IF I use the Google nest set up, with the 1 google nest device being located in the back room, will it be able to get a signal any better than the printer can?  AND will I be able to print from the living room wirelessly to the printer in the back room, or are the laptop and printer going to be on different “networks”?   Sorry if I’ve got some of the terminology wrong.  

Also, is there a monthly charge for the google nest devices?

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@cbw you may benefit from setting up a Wi-Fi mesh system that will cover your home. I think you can use google ac1200 mesh units to cover the inside of your home. 

I am using the Netgear MR60 units and a mesh works well. 

Good luck!