High Ping! 150-165ms

  • 7 January 2022
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I've had the Tmobile home internet now for about 6 months and have loved it! Well until they "updated" our towers and before I only used it to play xbox with and kept good speeds of 150 mbps of download and 15 mbps of upload and stayed around 60-75ms on latency now my speeds are 245 mpbs of download and 15-30 mbps of upload but my ping is 150-165 and that's causing a terrible lag 😭 I've tried almost everything I'd read and nothing works.  

6 replies


I’ve had a bit better experience; got the T-Mobile home internet and had downloads of 125+ and uploads of 45+ with a ping of 30 - 45; now, all of a sudden the download is 60 - 75, the upload is 5 - 15, and the ping is 68 - 78! I’ve done a hard reset, powered down and up the “trash can” a few times and retested the speed using Ookla w/o much if any change. Anybody have any ideas?

Same issue for me. It was honestly great when I first got it, aside from the UPnP issue but I was able to look past that because I don’t really group up with friends on Xbox.

But about a week ago I noticed my ping just got terrible on Xbox. Now I can’t even play any online games because it’s constant 200+ ms ping. Tried using ethernet instead of 5GHz but it didn’t make any difference.

If it weren’t for gaming I think T-Mo internet would be perfect. My speeds are great. Latency in general use is only about 10ms higher than when I had Xfinity so there’s no noticeable difference. But for consoles it’s been kind of crap. I haven’t noticed it on PC but I also haven’t been playing much on PC so I’ll probably try out some CS:GO and Rocket League where ping problems are very noticeable.

Ya ive had mine for about 3-4 months now. Up until about a week ago, ive had 40-60 pings, now i struggle to keep it around 80-120ms to the same areas. Constantly reboot with no change. Would love at one point to get rid of the new nokia 5g tower and get something we can actually have advanced settings on or at least give up passthrough. Download and upload are more than acceptable but sure would be nice to know why pings have literally doubled in the past week, like i said to the same area.

I was forced to change to t-mobile after they bought sprint and immediately the ping is unbearable. I play a lot of valorant and on sprint it used to be somewhat usable at 60-70ms on a good day, but now on t-mobile those good days are 120. Disappointing and unforgivable. The only option for internet I have is mobile hotspot and the fact that this is my only option is saddening.

Glad to see it's been a year and T-Mobile hasn't addressed the issue, as well as it STILL being a problem. Pretty good speeds at the start, ping was never higher than 80, now it chills just below 100, spikes over 200, and occasionally drops speed down to LOW double digits. Hopefully I can find a solution, but the settings in their router unit isn't the greatest. One option I've heard is to disable WiFi on the modem router combo unit, and treat it like a modem where you let your PERSONAL router handle all the actual routing and dhcp stuff.


Ping 751 !!!!!!!!! Speed 20 D 3 U. What is this? Internet on a chariot? I have 3 bars, but the fluctuations downward are constant, and very annoying.