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  • 19 June 2022
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Everything was fine a few minutes ago.Then I lost my connection. Now the trash can is showing 5 bars of connection but none of my devices are seeing it.

2 replies

Did you try to restart all your devices after restarting the modem?

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If you have a client with an Ethernet port on it connect to the gateway with a wired connection and then web into the gateway via the address. Log in as administrator and check the WIFI information to be sure you still see the SSID etc… as you expect. 

If you can connect via an Ethernet cable and get internet then it may just be a wireless issue. A simple reboot of the gateway might help but before you restart it looking at what the condition is BEFORE a reboot is sometimes helpful. If you simply reboot it and it still does not provide wireless as you expect then you will need to get back in and maybe reconfigure the wireless.