Home Internet signal lost

  • 25 July 2022
  • 3 replies


It’s my third day I joint this new network, today afternoon I have had to restart the modem around six times. While it is working, it’s a great service, but it’s uncomfortable losing signal every 30 mins.

3 replies

Good luck. While I’ve never lost cell service connection on my gateway device, my internet access disappeared three weeks ago. Don’t waste your time with tech support unless you can understand the particular brand of English these reps speak. I’m about a week away from jumping ship.


Is this the best available service? Lost all connection on home 5G internet after a week of “de prioritisation “ of cutting my download spear to less than 10 Mbps sometimes just 3 or 4



I have good signal and 5G, at least in the screen on the device, but I lost the internet every one or two hours and I have to disconnect and reconnect to recover the internet