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  • 30 April 2022
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Ok so I’m new to T-Mobile home internet but I’ve came across a issue. I’m getting 4-12 ping, 130-190mbs download, but I’m only getting around 3-4.8mbs upload, that is thru Ethernet, if I go to WiFi the numbers are the same beside upload goes up to 5.2-8.3mbs…. What could be going on? Phone support was no help at all. 

5 replies

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I found the same problem. I also found since getting T Mobile I don’t have service where I used to with Verizon?? And I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, so not an old phone. 

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With the T-Mobile cellular solution they use both 4G LTE and 5G NR channels. The primary “channel” or cellular signal is 4G LTE which is commonly used, according to all I have come across, for the upload functions. I suggest you download the T-Mobile home internet management application to your phone and get the connection metrics. The application is a bit finicky as sometimes it works and at others it just crashes or freezes but when it works you can get the cellular metrics and post those in the conversation. If you have the Nokia GW you can best obtain the cellular metrics from the device by using a browser and local client. The Arcadyan gateway metrics are available via the mobile application.  If the 4G LTE signal metrics are poor, and depending upon the band the upload being poor can probably be explained. There are different 4G frequencies T-Mobile uses for the primary signal. Band 2 or Band 66 appear to be the best to have for upload speed due to the frequency characteristics.

  • Frequencies that can provide LTE:
    • Band 2 (1900 MHz)
    • Band 5 (850 MHz)
    • Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz)
    • Band 66 (Extension of band 4 on 1700/2100 MHz).

It might take trying to get answers from T-Mobile support yet again. You can call the phone number for support OR you might try going through the web-chat. At the top of the page you will see the “Coverage” dropdown menu and there you can select “Rural 5G Coverage”. When the page renders at the bottom right there will be a chat window. Sure it will start out with a BOT but you can select to chat with a live representative. If you express your lack of satisfaction with the service you will probably be directed to a customer retention person who can and probably will take it to the next level to get more answers. I have been down this path and it was successful for me. I kept a polite tone, though expressed frustration about the operation of the solution. I was able to get better answers going this route. T-Mobile wants to retain customers so $$$s do speak and they will work hard to retain customers. You can go via either path you want but if one is a dead end try another path. They could be working on the equipment in the area and may need to upgrade the equipment for the 4G service. If that is the case and they do confirm such operations then there is hope.

You need to confirm the cellular metrics. If the 4G LTE metrics are poor that could help explain the poor upload behavior. The cellular solution is a bit more demanding than a hard cable line. It takes a little more effort to get the gateway in an optimal location. When you are testing dont rely upon just one testing tool. Use say and both. Instead of just going with the optimal server try different servers to test against. Leverage the cellular metrics not just the generic LED bars on the gateway interface to optimize the cellular connections. It will take some time but is worth the effort.You can find various charts online to explain the cellular metrics but here is a good one. 


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Thank you. I will try customer service again but honestly, they suck!!

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Look to the top of the page. You see the Coverage drop down. There is the Rural 5G & internet option. Go to that page. When it renders you should see a chat window. It will start as a BOT but you can select to chat with a live person. I believe this is on the marketing side of the house. IF you are put with a customer retention person they will work to try to keep you as a customer. It is a little different approach path than calling support. The chat works well and you can understand them. It is worth a try. I did so a couple of times and found I got the answers I needed. If you tell them how frustrated you are and you really need to have better answers maybe you will get lucky as I did. 

The hours of the chat with a live person might be limited. I dont know for sure.

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If you can get the metrics from the mobile application then you will have a better idea about the signal and it might explain the poor upload. If the LTE signal is weak and the SNR is poor that would possibly explain why the upload is so bad.