How to check data usage for Home Internet


I recently got T-Mobile Home Internet and I love it. However, I’d like to see how much data each device (or at least all devices) are using on the device. How can I check this out? The phone app does not show me this information, and when I log into the console via the admin IP, it doesn’t show me this information either. How can I find out data usage?

I have a attached a cropped out image (I’m hiding the serial number) of basically all that I see in the console. There is no data usage information.





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Hey CarpetGhost! 

It would be extremely useful for the admin page to provide that kind of information!! Maybe that is something we could add eventually. For now, you can see that information on after you log in. If you have not already, you create a T-Mobile ID and then you can use the website to fully manage your T-Mobile account like adding features, pay bills or edit autopay, and monitor usage. I honestly use the website so I almost never have to call customer care. 

Set up & manage your T-Mobile ID


Ah, you are right! Thank you, I appreciate it!

@HeavenM I have gone to website and still haven't seen anything which shows home internet data usage...assistance?

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Hey @Kech22, odd that you are not seeing anything for usage. The home internet line should be listed under the Usage tab on the website. One thing to keep in mind that may cause it to be hidden: you should be logging into the website using the Home internet phone number OR the primary account holder line for the T-Mobile account. If you are logging in with a different number from your account, you may not see all the details for every line on the account. 

I am curious to know if you see any information for the Home internet line. Can you see the phone number, device in use, or plan details for the line? Letting me know what you can see versus what you can’t, usually helps determine what is happening and leads to a better resolution. Thanks!

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I have Small Business Internet, so the account page might be different, but I finally found some data info. It’s slightly hidden or at least not obvious how you get there.

From the Dashboard, expand “Current Usage” and click on “View Usage Details”. That takes you to “Usage Charges By Line”. On that page, click on on the phone line for the gateway. That takes you to a page for the phone line. Click on the “Data” tab to see usage for the billing period in 2-hour increments.

Note that after doing this, I now see the Current Data Usage for the month on the Dashboard. I believe it had always read as zero before, but perhaps I’m misremembering.

I can data usage for my phone lines, but not my new internet account.

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@MACBON, have you tried going to you T-Mobile account, Settings > Line Usage?

Must be nice to be able to access that website to see your data usage, when will T-Mobile fix their problem so people can access their accounts?

Yeah, there is no “usage” option in settings our elsewhere for Home Internet, and generates nothing but a header. Why aren’t home internet customers allowed to monitor usage? This makes it a lot harder to use.

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@ida, if I click on the header with my name and internet phone number I get a detailed breakdown of my usage.