How to return Internet Gateway?

  • 5 March 2021
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I was sent a high speed internet gateway, but there’s nothing for it to connect to. No 5g nearby and the 4g LTE is terrible. It needs to go back ASAP, but I can’t reach anyone by phone to arrange it. I guess they’re not doing chat support now.

5 replies

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Give Customer Care a call.  They can help you setup everything and get you the return label to ship it or tell you if your local stores take gateway returns.  

I called support, they said you don’t need a box, they sent me a Shipping label. I am going to take it to the UPS store and see what happens.

I Ned a return shipping label for my gateway wireless router

wow, its been months I even returned the device. What service.

I Ned a return shipping label for my gateway wireless router


I picked up my Tmoblie modem from a store, they refused to take it back-

 2x  then I called customer service who promised me a lable to my email, never recived/

still being charged not using at all.  Just got off the phone with customer care again, and now they

still will not send the label, because of acct. holder information?  I told them please read comments-

this is already been ok, i just need label.

Tmobile is scamming people with this internet returns- nothing should be this hard. 

I have been a customer for years… looking to switch after all this time wasted. And i still have the modem.