Low Signal Bars

  • 16 March 2023
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Why does this service suck so bad in a major city? I have reset my modem like every couple hours and it is never over 2bars anywhere in my city

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I’m experiencing the same. I live in Austin, Texas five minute from downtown. I have a iPhone 13mini and I can’t make a call in my own house. I have 1 bar and all my calls immediately don’t connect. Every time I speak to someone I get brushed off and asked ti reset my phone network settings.

This service is definitely the most unreliable and slow Internet I’ve had in the past 15 years. It seems like every time I managed to get a decent signal and consistent speeds they push out an update or do something to the tower to break it. I spent an entire afternoon installing an antenna to point to a tower with a good signal. For an entire month I had acceptable service.

They pushed out an update and now I can’t even connect to the tower with the awesome signal (-97 RSSI/15 SNR). Instead it connects to some tower further away with an RSSI of -110 and an SNR of 1 and my speeds are chronically slow + terrible ping.

The government should take the spectrum back and give it to someone that can actually use it properly. The spectrum is wasted on T-Mobile.

After speaking to three people I finally talked with someone that gave me useful information. Apparently, though I live in a heavily populated area near downtown, I’m equidistant from 4 towers and am in a dead zone. I was told that my service should improve in two months, but no one could verify that a tower was being built, but only that it was likely, given the area. I was also told my account had been “de-prioritized” because it was an “old account”; This seems to be a strange policy for long-time customers, but I was told it’s T-mobile policy to never ask their clients to change their policy, so you never know if you’re being phased out. They managed to squeeze a couple more months from me, but if my service doesn’t dramatically improve, I’ll be seeking an alternative.

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Just as a note.  I’ve been waiting on T-Mobile’s statement claiming they’d build a new tower for years.  

Being ‘downtown’ in an urban area may help, however.  Rural / suburban gets the middle finger, typically.  Also, any deprioritization by T-Mobile will only occur once you’ve gone past a limit, and you will get a text.  Good luck