Make Tmobile internet app more user friendly and more options please

  • 19 October 2022
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is there anyway to make the tmobile internet app more user friendly and be able to recognize the dvices and the names of the phones so you know excatly what devices are on your wifi so if you possibly have a device that shouldn’t be connected you can go in and find the namefor example samsung A32 instead ofit saying D-34x because its hard to tell what device that is ! Plus theres no options hardly especially to make your wifi more secure 

1 reply

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With the T-Mobile mobile application there is probably little chance that will improve that much any time soon. Now that T-Mobile has the Nokia, Arcadyan & the Sagemcon 5G gateways their strategy is probably to streamline the development efforts to keep development costs down. Until they feel such improvements would be a key differenciator it will probably sit on the back table. Just my take. 

What you can do is improve the name your Android device displays: (See Samsung site)

With a Windows client you can also improve the name of the host machine. Once you do you have to reboot the client but that is the price you pay for the change. It does help to identify the client when it appears on the network in the host tables. 

It would be great if they continued to offer the WEB GUI interface with management for all the gateways but that option was removed for the Arcadyan & Sagemcon 5G gateways. The Nokia gateway still does have the web GUI for management but it does not report the devices on the LAN. So, to get more visibility many users add an additional router to their solution that does have advanced features and reporting. Using the ISP provided gateway solution does have limitations. We can hope for the best. I am not going to hold my breath.