Need to remove devices from gateway network

  • 6 October 2022
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I have a lot of devices listed for WiFi access on my Gateway modem. How do I know what devices they are? Once I figure that out, how do I permanently remove the unwanted devices?

6 replies

I have same question. 

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@Minderella60, @Kevhunts, the “Devices” tab in the TMO HI app shows all the devices connected to your gateway.  If the app can’t find the devices name it will show the last 4 digits of the device’s MAC address, that then you would have to match to the appropriate device.  You might have better luck using the Fing app (in the Google Play Store) to see the names of the connected devices.  If you want to disconnect a device tap on the device listed in the TMO HI app.  More information about the device will appear and a toggle will allow you to disconnect the device.

Tapping on a device in the list just opens a few more details about the device and scheduling but no way to disable or delete the device.

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@Kevhunts, my app's "Devices" tab only shows my router that I've connected to my TMO gateway, but I do see that it can be disconnected.  Should show all devices if not connected to a router with the same toggle to disconnect each device.


Still no answer to this?

1. T-Mobile automatically names devices.

2. Majority of the time gateway doesn't respond when checking devices.

3. Everywhere I have looked has stated that to remove all devices from network simultaneously, you have to reset it. If the ssid and password remain the same all devices previously connected will automatically reconnect. To keep them from reconnecting, choose a new ssid and password.