Netflix not working with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

  • 23 January 2024
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I got T-Mobile 5G Home Internet today and after setting it up, Netflix app in not working on any of my devices., but other apps work file. Netflix works fine with my Cellular connection on my phone. I have the Nokia Gateway.

6 replies

TMobile Is Internet is just unreliable for If you work from home stay clear of TMobile. No one can even give a reasonable time frame on when the disruption will be fixed. In other words calling their Customer Service is useless. 


Yes T-Mobiles service is and nobody should be settling for it. You deserve better.

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Putting aside the above rhetoric, I had the same problem for the last few days. I subscribe to Netflix as a service outside of T-Mobile. For the last few days, it would load but couldn't stream content or even populate the graphics on the site. It happened right after the Apple TV OS was upgraded to the latest version.

I tried all the obvious solutions, including rebooting Apple TV, my Arcadyan KVD21 5G gateway, and uninstalling and reinstalling the Netflix app. Nothing worked, and the problem was across all my devices, including Apple TV, iPhone, and MacBook Pro.

ALL other services and apps were streaming perfectly, and I had more than enough bandwidth.

Suddenly, this morning, everything is working correctly. I'm convinced that the problem was with T-Mobile, and whatever it was, it has resolved itself. If you're still having issues, I'd call Tech Support. I've found them knowledgeable and helpful in resolving these issues. They can reach the tower and tweak settings to your gateway.

Good luck!

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Quick update, @hesfahan. The problem returned this afternoon and I'm still unable to resolve it.

We have had T-Mobile home internet for 2 weeks and Netflix is now not working...i can connect to my T=Mobile hot spot from my phone and it works then reconnect to home internet it works for a day and then goes down. the error code we are getting from Netflix is about connection issues...

I am having the EXACT same problem. T-mobile 5G home internet and Netflix (only Netflix) does not stream (or buffers for over a minute then streams in horrible quality. Any iOS device. Apple TV, iPad, iPhone and my Mac. 

all other apps (Max, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube) have zero issues and I have no problem streaming 4K movies or shows on these. 

I was on a support call with T-Mobile (on this topic) for over an hour two weeks ago. They filed a “case” with their tech team and said they were working on it. That they would contact me when fixed. No word since then. 

I was able to connect my Apple TV they my iPhone (t-mobile) hotspot and play Netflix content without issue. Great quality. 

however, when I switch back to my t-mobile home internet - buffer, buffer, buffer. 


Like orhers, I have rebooted the modem, my netgear Orbi mesh WiFi, ran speed tests (getting about 300mbps). And still no luck with Netflix. 

if anyone has had success getting this fixed, please let me know. Thanks!