No internet Service And Iphone does not work either

  • 16 April 2023
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Talked to Tech and customer service regarding no service but paying for Max unlimited data and talk as well as TMobile Internet.  No service at home for 10 days in Lehigh Acres, Fl.  Has anyone else had issues with TMobile and connections in Lehigh Acres?  The only info I received was they are working on towers!

My husband just got out of hospital and I can’t make calls to doctors for his care from my home!  Anyone who can help will be appreciated!

3 replies

Here in east Texas near Jasper, we are experiencing significant interruptions to all T Mobile internet services. Home internet is all but worthless.  Websites are taking minutes to load and streaming services are completely unusable.  We might as well be on AOL dial up from the 90’s.    Phones are dropping to 4G with less than 1mbs download speeds.  Customer service stated they are in the process of upgrading the towers and that has caused the disruption to service.  This has been ongoing for more than a week now.

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You can check here for outages.

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@Rose1407 please consider checking your gateway, maybe it's a device problem not an e area outrage problem. Otherwise, a large T-Mobile outage issue would make the news. 

Please unplug the gateway and wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in. It should restart within a few minutes. How many bars do you see on the display? Make sure the gateway is located in a place in your house where you see the most bars on the display (hopefully 4 - 5). 

Good luck!