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  • 15 April 2023
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Hello, so we are having problems. All the sudden within the last few days. Some of our devices that were connected to the internet lost the signal and now won’t find the WiFi anymore. I tried moving one of the devices to the same room as the gateway and it still wouldn’t find the internet. I’m a bit frustrated. I’ve tried restarting all devices and the gateway to no avail. I’m hoping to get some help here before I try calling customer support. 

2 replies

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Three questions

  1. What gateway did T-Mobile give you?
  2. Is your WiFi network Hidden? Check the T-Mobile app to see if it is. If so, change the setting to Off so that your network is advertising. Use the phone app that you used to set-up your network when you first got it. Tap Network on the bottom of the screen, then tap your existing network and scroll down to the Hidden switch. As I said, if it's on, slide it to the Off position. Scroll down, tap Save and your gateway will restart. Once it's back up your network(s) will be visible to all of your devices.
  3. Are you able to connect any devices, or did all of them just suddenly drop off? If some connected, which ones, and visa versa.

Let’s see if we can't solve this for you!

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In addition to @bocaboy2591‘a questions, what changed that might have triggered the “all of a sudden “ event? 

Let’s fix this.