Printer Stopped Connecting to Wifi

  • 26 May 2024
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Now, whenever I try to reconnect, it says that it failed the MAC address filtering check.

My Gateway is Arcadyan KVD21, which according to some other questions I’ve seen asked, doesn’t have those kinds of access controls.

I’ve got a 2.4g band set up which is what the printer needs, and confirmed that the printer supports the WPA3-SAE security type I’ve got set up.

The frustrating part is that when I switched to T-Mobile back in November, the printer connected just fine. We don’t use it super often, so it’s not clear when this issue arose. The printer is an Epson ET-4800. Before I call up Epson support and have them tell me it’s the fault of the gateway, is there anything else I should try?

1 reply

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First try turning off the printer, restarting the gateway, and turning the printer back on.  If it doesn’t connect:  On the 2.4 GHz network that you set up, did you set the WPA version to WPA2/WPA3 (which will automatically set WPA Encryption Mode to AES)?  If that doesn’t work, try changing the WPA Version to WPA/WPA2 (which will automatically set WPA Encryption Mode to TKIP+AES.)  (The second configuration is what I usually recommend for printer connection issues, but you said your printer supports WPA3.)