Remote reset and network drop

  • 6 January 2022
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We are new T-Mobile internet gateway customers.  We are experiencing drop-off of our internet (wireless) even when our new (Nokia) gateway is showing connectivity.  Only action to fix, so far, is to reset by power-off/power-on. Thats fine if we are home.

Is there a remote reset procedure for the Nokia gateway that can accomplish this in case we are on the road and the network drops offline?  Important because our furnace and security systems are running through this network.



21 replies

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T-Mobile tech support agents can reset your gateway remotely. Not all of their techs know how, and the first one I called tried one “tool” that didn’t work (he never would tell me what he was trying, so I can’t tell you how to instruct them). He consulted somebody else and tried a second “tool” that did reboot my gateway from their end.

I have a home security system that connects via cellular when my T-Mo internet connection goes down, and I get a text letting me know. I can then call T-Mobile Home Internet support and have them reset the gateway from their end. However, since they upgraded the 5G towers in my neighborhood, I haven’t needed a reset in over two months, so the disconnect problem does seem to be connected to stuff going on in their towers. After they upgraded the towers, I not only stopped having the disconnects, but my speeds almost tripled. I’m now averaging ~400 Mbps down and 16 Mbps down.


Rockstr, thanks for the rich info. I wound up simplifying my home network (fewer devices on wireless; moved them to ethernet) and eliminated a couple of extra SSID networks I had running in parallel and the “glitches” seem better. It’s hard to know if it’s cause and effect.  

it’s good to know they can reset the gateway remotely. 

Again, thanks for taking the time to share your experience. 

Yes. T-Mobile needs to fix the problem that device remain connected to the Gateway not lose internet eg data coming in. Rebooting the router corrects this but if it happens frequently its a pain and if you are not home you would need to call them to have them reboot it as one would not be able to connect to through the app as one needs to be connected to wifi to do this. I gave up my spectrum internet to try tmobiles and it works well on a complex setup accept for these disconnects. 

I get good 5g signal most of the time (3 bar rarely 2) and the disconnect happens every 1-2 days. I doubt its the Gateway to tower but something tower to tmobiles servers. 

Very important they can reboot a gateway remotely.

I have this problem monthly on WiFi I only have for security cameras for an unmanned facility.

they were not able to reset my gateway so that any of my security, or other connected devices could work, including the thermostat.


I only have this device for this use so I will be cancelling.  The frustrating part is, if it worked I’d expand it.  Instead I will probably discontinue all T mobile service because the competition requires cellular to get the deep discounts too.


too bad, I’m otherwise happy but I don’t have time to stop what I’m doing and drive across town to unplug and plug back in a device.

Tried having T-Mobile tech reboot the gateway but :” he told me I'd have to be onsite to power the device off and on”. .Looks like T-Mobile tech support is useless.. Should of kept the satellite dish.

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I am puzzled that TMo wireless home internet modem does not have an option to be remotely restarted.  Coming from older Linksys and Spectrum equipment I assumed that remote reboot would be a standard option nowadays.  This is a huge inconvenience if a connected device starts misbehaving and you need to refresh it.

Had a neighbor power the gateway off and on. Lasted 5 days and went down again. T-Mobile tech support is useless. Called 4 times at different times. Same Crap. Coming from an IT background this is unbelievable. They should be embarrassed every time they see a T-Mobile advertisement.

I dont know how old your devices are but the tmobile app for my home internet has a "restart gateway" button, which I just tried and it works fine. Ive only had the sagecom device and tmobile app and account for a couple months now. 

Try restarting the gateway when its down and your out of town ! You need to connect to your wifi to restart it with the app.

I did find a work around of sorts to the problem.


I didn’t think of that so what is the solution to restart the device remotely? I too depend on internet connectivity to connect to a camera and a thermostat for 5 to 6 months at a time. I still have an active Starlink account which is more stable but still must be restarted every now and then.

And Starlink responds only by emailing an answer to a question after a day or two 

Plugged the T-mobile router into a  programmable power strip ….  set to power off the device once a week for 15 mins. Not perfect but it works for me.

Just what I was thinking.!! I just ordered a Keep Connect wifi reset device $49. supposed to sense signal loss and restart the device. We’ll see if it works.

Let me know if it works and the device you use ... seems like a better fix then my idea ...


not sure if it’s going to work but this is it

T-Mobile needs to add this feature to the phone app. There are many improvements they can make to the app to make it better.

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I have my device plugged into a programmable timer to power-cycle 3 times a week at 3am.   It’s pretty cheap, and I’ve never had a problem with service while I’m away from the house for extended periods.

I have the Keep Connect and it works great.  I actually have it set to do a reboot every morning at 3:00am since I was having so many issues.  Now, however, reboots are getting more and more needed - as I keep losing network.  After rebooting - its fine again.  But I’m getting increasingly annoyed at needing to reboot so much. - I have the Nokia trashcan, btw….