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  • 12 May 2022
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hi all, had my kvd21 on since receiving about 25 days ago. Monday got my first “SIM error detected… SIM002” message. Powered unit off for 3 minutes and it returned to service- no issues. now 3 days later the error’s returned.

Called CC and they wanted me to look at the SIM. WOW, it appeared it was not locked in place. 

I usually will give a best-shot fix before picking up the phone but with SIMs and the new device I thought Shirley it’s something bad. But not in this case. hth



3 replies

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Yes, I also noticed there isn’t a “click” to indicate full insertion on the KDV21. On the Nokia gateway there is definitely a “click”.

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So it appears the SIM tray in the Arcadyan GW is not as secure as the Nokia GW. I have seen other Arcadyan users reporting errors that appear to be SIM related so it seems to fit. It sounds as if T-Mobile support has had some close encounters with the Arcadyan SIM tray before. 😎 With the Nokia GW I have had since the BETA period it just keeps going like a well balanced top. I just hope it stays that way a long time.

I have had the same problem, which just recently started. There seems to be a problem the SIM mechanism on the Arcadyan gateway that doesn’t positively lock into place with a distinctive click. It’s also possible that it was initially clicked into place but worked its way out. At one point it wouldn’t eject. To T-Mobile’s credit they offered a new gateway, but there’s  no guarantee the mechanism on the new one won’t be as janky. After working the current SIM card mechanism, it seems to be staying put for now.