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  • 18 January 2024
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I see that tons of customers are having issues with slowdown in the evening. I was promised at least 50mbps but get on average maybe 1mbps. I would have been better off staying with my previous ISP. My question is: WHAT IS T-MOBILE DOING ABOUT THIS ISSUE. I don’t see any solutions, only excuses. If it’s congestion, why hasn’t that been addressed? Are more towers the answer? 

2 replies

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Unfortunately if you read the terms and conditions there's no guarentee of service.

I came here due to this reason too. It’s been a month and I can wait 10 minutes for a page to load. Pages like spotify never work on my computer. I thought it was the page I was on originally bu went on to someone else’s wifi and boom no issues. I’d love to stick with T-mobile but I can’t waste an entire day to execute ¼ of a project I’m working on due to terrible services.