T-Mobile Censorship?

  • 25 February 2022
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Why is T-Mobile censoring websites like ?


Nothing wrong with this site purely American. I hate that I am paying for a service that censors my navigation of the web. Considering switching back services because of this garbage. 

7 replies

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they are not censoring anything your just self promoting..

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That is not true at all. I and others constantly get http 503 errors both via the home internet and tmobile - mobile network. This is not an advertisement it is a legitimate issue. 




When connected to other ISP networks I have no issues with the same devices. Desktop, laptop, cellphone. It is the ISP blocking the site.

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Pulled up fine for me on my phone just now, which is using wifi only through TMO HI.


Are you using TMO's DNS?

Sometimes things get weird if you set up your router to use someone else's DNS (my Asus is set to configure DNS automaticly from ISP, and forwards requests for my clients, even the ones with static IP configs).

If not, could be an issue with that alternate DNS... or bad cache data.

Could also be an issue with AWS  that hosts it, or even that service that is managing the domain for it.

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Cogent is a perfect example of a disaster for anything being routed through them.  How they stay in business, I don't know, but they cause a lot of routing issues with so many companies and businesses online. 

I had no issues pulling up the site either but this definitely does seem more like self portion.