Tmo Internet performance - Leaves win?

  • 17 May 2023
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I dropped Comcrap a couple months ago hoping to improve my upload performance. Tmo worked pretty well for the first month with 40-80MBs which is far better than Comcrap. I have noticed that with springtime and leaves coming on the trees my performance has tanked (10-20MBs) with line of site the the local tower impeded. I love the simplicity of plugging in a gateway and away you go but really won’t be able to tolerate this performance for work.

My tmobile Internet app on my phone of course says my connection is excellent. It has never been anything less. Rebooting the GW doesn’t help. 

Is this just what we have to live with this type of service? I’ll be moving on to Ziply next as that service is amazing both up and down. Too bad Tmo

1 reply

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Between that and congestion of towers with new users being added.