tmobile home internet

  • 1 March 2023
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is anyone else having trouble linking the phone number to there tmobile account 

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Yes, it’s not possible to manage home Internet using an online T-Mobile account. The gateway phone numbers cannot be linked.

You might be able to pay as a guest, but that’s all you can do online.

I’ve had 3 calls to the (now 100% offshore) customer service, who just don’t understand the issue.

I’ve also tried the vaunted “T-Force” via Facebook Messenger. (It’s just more offshore agents, if not outright automatons.)

Not being able to manage the service online is fine if your address qualified for the unlimited product (mine is only eligible for the capped “Home Internet Lite” variant, so it would be nice to be able to check my cumulative usage).

You should have 15 days to return the gateway and cancel the service, at no cost. Only corporate stores deal in the Home Internet product and can accept gateway returns. (If you ship the gateway, use a tracked service.)

Because linking the device number to an account is impossible, it’s also impossible to review the contract you signed. I would be sure to get something printed in-store that proves the gateway was returned and the service was canceled.