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  • 24 January 2021
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I just signed up for TVision and I am trying to stream this evening (7 pm local time) and keep getting an error code every 30 seconds or so. The show freezes, then goes black and says:

Something went wrong- we’re working on it.

Error code TVB-004


I tried another device and got the same error. It occurred on an Amazon Firestick 4K and an iOhone 11 running iOS 14.3. The error occurs when streaming on the T-Mobile network and when streaming on local WiFi. The WiFi speed test is coming in at over 600 mbps so I don’t think it’s a connection issue.

i was excited to find this streaming service with all the channels we use (minus CBS) for less than competitors. If this is going to be a frequent issue I’ll have to look elsewhere for streaming services. 


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9 replies


I just re-joined TVision about one week ago and ran into a lot TVB-004 errors on NBC in the last hour. Sorry T-Mobile, but even for just $40 / month for live TV it’s not acceptable. I try it for one more week and if it’s not solved I leave you again…

I love your mobile service, please improve TVision! The beta phase should be over...


Yesterday I said I’ll try it for one more week… Today I changed my mind… I cancelled TVision because of all the dropouts on different channels. I’m back to fuboTV. Well, it’s $25 more but reliable. Sometimes cord cutting is not easy. Bye, bye TVision!

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This happened to me quite a bit on my local NBC station back in November. I called support, and they got it fixed. It came back in December, and I called again. It was fixed again.


I would call Support and let them know. They will fix it.


Thanks for the advice but my decision is already made. What I read throughout the threads the service is not ready for prime time yet. I’ll be maybe back in a couple months to check it again...

I keep getting the TVB-004 error on NBC.  It’s happening many times.  Please assist.  It seems to be NBC only.

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I keep getting the TVB-004 error on NBC.  It’s happening many times.  Please assist.  It seems to be NBC only.

Yeah, this happened to me on my local NBC station. I don’t know why it only happened there. I had to call support two or three times, but they seem to have fixed it. I have not had any issues since I contacted them. I would call support and let them know. If you have the same experience that I do, it will be fixed for you in a couple of days after calling them.

I have had this problem sporadically since joining in Dec. Plus the "chipmunk” issue, also on NBC. I called support. The computer answering had me slimming for 2 ½ mins o till I finally got to a live person. She was friendly and helpful…. Until I sat on hold for 58 mins, waiting for tech support. I called again. Mark offer to call me in the morning and try again. 

Look, it sucks. It's not user friendly, and dang… Why do I want to give them another chance?!


To get the best experience go into your router and disable ipv6

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For folks still having issues with this, please contact our Tech Care team by calling or using our Facebook or Twitter help channels to have them file a Trouble Ticket. This is something we’ll need to have resolved on a case by case basis.