Very Limited access to the router via web browser on win 10.

  • 28 October 2022
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I notice the web GUI has very limited access to the router. If I want to poke a hole in the firewall (home security system) port forwarding and other stuff I’m completely out of luck. U can’t even change my SSID via Chrome. On another note, Amazon and many other sites are rejecting my log in saying I’m in another state. WTH? 

Anyone having the same issue?


2 replies

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I would say you have the Arcadyan or Sagemcon gateway. The only way to manage them is with the T-Mobile home internet mobile application. The web browser interface going to will not provide more than a very limited view of what is going on. It is a shame as using a browser is totally doable but T-Mobile has chosen to NOT support the management via a browser interface. The older Nokia still has it but not the two newer gateways. 

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You cannot do port forwarding due to T-Mobile’s CGNAT solution. There is limited configuration capabilities as the options are limited and the interface to do configuration with the two newer gateway models is via the mobile application.