When can I JUST use TM internet modem as ONLY a modem, in BRIDGE mode, with NO NAT, NO firewall, and frankly NO Wifi.

  • 28 December 2021
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I share these concerns.  One possible workaround is to use cloudflare tunnels to allow access to internal services from the internet.  It's free, not much more of a learning curve than vpn, but there is not as much ubiquitous documentation and support.  You have to learn some new subjects most likely.

I share the frustrations above; for what it's worth I at least used the test period with T-Mobile to get Spectrum to lower my bill. They went back to giving me the introductory rate when I mentioned the lower competing price, roughly matching the T-Mobile offer.

Given higher upload speeds I’d prefer to stick with T-Mobile, but the inability to remote into my own network makes that a no-go.

I also have these concerns and issues. Not being able to configure the Tmobile internet router for VPN use among other things is a very detrimental quality of an otherwise great product. There are many people and different use cases for being able to use this ability. Please, make this a possibility.