Why does TM Home Internet not qualify for free Paramount + account?

  • 18 May 2022
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Just signed up for TM Home Internet and was promised a free Paramount + account for 12 months and was sent a link with instructions on how to set it up. The link comes back as “account plan not eligible”. Called customer service and now they say that you must have home internet as well as phone plan. That’s BS. Why would you sell that in your pitch and then not provide it? 

7 replies

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Called customer service and now they say that you must have home internet as well as phone plan.


According to the following webpage, unless you are a business or other entity, you should qualify.


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I was just denied as well.  Have Home internet only and I went from link on bill that says “you qualify for”   :(

Same boat


I called tmobile for 5g internet and I was promised free paramount+ for a year when I signed up.  I do not have a t-mobile wireless phone.    I tried to sign up for it and was denied because I did not have a qualifying wireless plan.

I called customer service and said I do not qualify.   I explained to them I was promised it when I called in.  I said T-mobile is promising things they cannot deliver.   I asked they open a problem report for the script when order 5g internet.   She said she does not have a script.  I said the call center to request 5G has a script because they did not pull paramount+ out of thin air.    So I got no where.    Might as well be offering a free boat when signing up for 5g.

Same here. When I signed up they told me it would come with Paramount Plus, and now they're saying it doesn't. That's not a good look. What a way to retain customers, T-Mobile! Lie!

To anyone who sees this, today I found out what the problem is. If you do not have a T-Mobile phone number you have to register the Paramount Plus using the phone number of your modem. If you don't know what that is you can call and find out. I was just able to activate today.

Good, I was able to sign up using my Home Internet phone # as I do not have T-Mobile phone plan.