Why the Extremely long hold times to get technical support?

  • 27 July 2023
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For the last two days I have been trying to get technical support for my hulu live tv service. Hulu keeps showing me an error message saying “I am not at home”. I am home. The message goes on to say that the IP address does not match the one attached to my hulu account. This is confusing. I have had the tmobile 5G Gateway home internet for months now, and I have not changed my IP address; nor have I moved to another location. What is going on?

Each time I call tmobile for technical support, I keep getting put on extremely long holds for over 30 minutes before I finally hang up. I call back and the same thing keeps happening. Why can’t I get technical support for this service that I am paying for? I can’t even watch tv on my hulu app; and I pay for it also. What is going on?


3 replies

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There are a lot of threads here about this.  It’s something about Hulu Live not liking how our T-Mobile gateways get their external IP addresses changed occasionally.  (I agree this is baffling. The towers don’t move!)

You might have better results calling Hulu support at 877-824-4858.  Good luck.

It's a problem with the T Mobile gateway IP address showing as a different location than your home. I live in Virginia but the gateway IP shows as a location in Maryland. Some other streaming services like YouTube TV let you set your home location using your cell phone's GPS location. Not sure why Hulu doesn't do the same. 

If you're mainly looking to get live local programming, try a digital TV antenna to receive free broadcast channels. The quality is as good as cable/Internet streaming and you don't have to deal with T Mobile's poor bandwidth during peak periods.

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@TxAg83 thank you.  It’s not that the IP address changed, but that it might look like it’s in another place.  I just checked mine and it’s showing as a larger city about an hour away, but at least it’s in the same state.  

Since getting T-Mobile Home Internet, I haven’t had any trouble with any of my streaming services.  Regular Hulu without live TV is fine.  

My TV antennas work great also! 😀