Will I be able to use Alexa when my datta is out

  • 2 September 2022
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I just got Home interent litght today and I have all smart bulbs and lots of things on smart plugs I have been using page plus for the last few years they are slow but everthing works and there was no data cap.I just got T mobie limited home  internet and once the 100 gigs is still gone do you think I will be able to turn on the lights? I wonder why they can’t atleast do 1.5megs when the speed is gone it say 128kbs I dont know it that will still work on alexa what can you tell me ? I like the 45mbps but if it cant work the hole month I will have to let it go and go back to Verizon 1mbps so i can use the spart plugs and lights in here 

2 replies

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Alexa requires more than 128kbps to work.  Everything you speak, is sent to a remote server to be understood, including commands.  Using the app to toggle a light manually might work with a significant delay.  

Whenever you're out of range of a Wi-Fi network and start using your mobile data, the Alexa app will run just fine on your mobile connection. If you want to use an Echo device with mobile data, you need to use a hotspot device or set up your phone as a hotspot and connect the Echo to that.

 Amazon's Alexa requires a working internet connection to access all the different features it offers. What is this? But you can still use Alexa with a mobile hotspot, or as a Bluetooth Speaker even without an internet connection.

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