800 promotional scam

  • 4 December 2023
  • 2 replies


January 5th last year T-Mobile was running an $800 off a qualifying phone for a Google pixel 7 or pixel 7 pro.so I took my OnePlus 8T in which was qualifying and they gave me $800 or so they said they did ,when I got my receipt it said they only gave me $37 ,I asked them about it and they said that's just how it comes up on our end, on your bill in another week or so it will show up through the computer normal you'll get your discount. 11 months later I just got off the phone with the lady and she  said that the promotion was for a Google pixel 6A not 7 or 7 pro which is a flat out lie. T-Mobile is a scam and I am done with this company after 12 years

2 replies

T-Mobile did wrong to make the beast upset. The beast has T-Mobile on his strings!


I created an account just to comment on this post. I just got done dealing with them for nearly a month based on their lies and their “promotions”. I had them for years when I had to switch carriers for stupid reasons, and I was excited to go back to them, but after the last few weeks they can kick rocks.