Anyone else have horrible in store experiences?

  • 5 December 2023
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So I go to T-mobile just before Black Friday to replace a phone that was bricked by the latest firmware update and won’t power on. Of course no trade value because it wont power up despite the fact it worked flawlessly up until the update. Anyways, I go on to replace it and am told the phone I want isn’t in stock. After asking the location numerous times to check surrounding stores one of the workers finally agrees to do so. They locate one and I leave and drive straight there (5 minutes away) I get there and they claim they don’t have one (S23 Ultra) After stating it was confirmed 5 minutes prior they did and a couple minutes of arguing about it with the manager, he finally goes in back to check and mysteriously comes up with it. At that point he tells me about a free Earbud promotion for Black Friday that’s in effect. Tells me it will go on a payment plan, but I’ll get an e-card to cover the cost in a few weeks. OK, no problem. He then dishes me off to someone else and disappears. I spend almost 2 hours waiting for the second guy to process something on his iPad before he ends up telling me I owe $265. I ask what the charge includes and he tells me “sales tax” I ask, just sales tax? He says yes, you are zero down on an installment plan and just need to cover sales tax, we are waiving the $35 activation fee. I thank him and ask how much the phone is. He says $1,199.00 Sales tax in my city and state is a total of 8.03% which quick math in my head should roughly be under $100.00 so I ask what else he’s charging me for. He says just tax, the buds are on a plan with a credit coming, the phone is on a plan, you just pay tax. I do the math for him and he says well, it says $265.00 I tell him ok, but that’s not correct. We go round and round and after about 10 minutes he types away for a minute and says ok, it’ll be $195.00 I say no, did you just forget our conversation. He types away again and says ok, how about $175.00 I felt like I was at a car dealership. I continue to disagree and he walks into the back frustrated. I hear the manager yell in the back. Tell him he doesn’t get the earbuds and tell him he has to now pay the activation fee. He comes back out and says ok it’s $131.00 and you don’t get the earbuds. At this point I’ve been there almost 3 hours total. I was so pissed, needed to get to work and needed a working phone I just paid it and left. They didn’t even power up the phone to insure it worked or anything. Hands me the box and says just use the sim card from your old phone and sends me on my way. Keep in mind, I couldn’t trade in the phone I had (worth $300 according to them) because their update bricked it that morning and it no longer powers up. What a horrible experience and joke of a company. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Yeah I didn't even calculate the tax.Thx for info! Had home Internet for almost a year.Had phone service with straight talk. Well seen their promo for 5G Go plus w/ 50g hotspot with new line and decided to give it a shot.. We go in store,tell them what we were wanting, they didn't have phones we wanted so we settle for S23. Almost 2hrs go by trying to get numbers transferred and 3 different employees to finally trying to activate them. They made a call and handed me my phone. So I pay the taxes which were 230.00 smh and left. I get almost home 25 mins away to realize my phone had no service?? I wasn't about to go back so I call customer service, end up paying 38.00 more dollars trying to reactivate my old phone through T-Mobile that was a waste of time which was approximately 1hr to still have no phone? 2 days past, another trip to store for another hr before they finally got it to work. No offer to compensate me what so ever. Then comes a bill for 307.00 and I bought fell out. Back to the store arguing with manager about the bill only to have her to open up 3rd line with all supposive free Motorola and again pay 63.00 for taxes on a 300.00 phone??? She gets my bill down to 199.00 a month and assured me that would be the cost. So I got 2 phones one in which I don't need nor is it even activated to use and she acted like she done me a favor. Next bill 270.00. Had to show my butt to get it down to 230.00 then I see revised bill and they put it down as a Goodwill credit like again they done me a favor. I went from 38.00 a month service to this crap.... T-Mobile is screwing people out of their money. And to top it off the service is crappy.. All that time and money and can't even get a sms to send,. Sick to my stomach. Beware.…



I’m not sure how the store employees are paid but I’m sure it’s tide to how many lines they can “get” you to activate. Every time I go into one it’s well “we need to add another line” it’s crazy!

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If you think the update from Samsung bricked it.  Did you try contacting Samsung to see if they would repair it?  Carriers may have a very small imput and contribute so.e carrier settings and bloat on updates but those updates are compiled and pushed by Samsung and not T-Mobile.  

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No, just the opposite, I wanted to switch carriers from Verizon to T-Mobile last March of this year.  I was a 20 year plus customer of Verizon and I was not sure how to port my number and I wanted a new phone to boot with no activation fee.  So I went into a T-Mobile store picked at random, closest to me, and 30 minutes later I walked out with a new phone working better than my Verizon phone and an $18.00 / month cheaper plan with unlimited everything, plus hotspot data. 8 months later I’m still very happy with the plan and connectivity.   I guess I was fortunate to work with a very competent and honest young lady that switched me over and waived the activation fee.  I’ve found if you say you won’t pay the activation they will waive it to get a good credit account on the books.  I hope you can get it sorted soon.  IMO, for value, Verizon is the worst of the big three carriers.  YMMV.