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  • 23 December 2023
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I purchased 2 iPhones in a Costco kiosk back in April. I was told that I would receive a $75 promo card per phone, and as of yet, I have not received it.  I did receive a cryptic text about 6 weeks ago, stating it would be arriving.  As of yet nothing.  Anyone else have this issue?  Were you able to resolve it?

4 replies

Well, obviously,  like most of everyone I was scammed too. 

In January 17th 2024,

When I was purchasing new phone on new line  5goPlus plus additional 2 new lines plus internet upgrade I was presented with costco/t mobile promo which stated that I would get costco card with credits of $150 per line plus $75 for internet upgrade. So $450 +$75= $525 in total.

And I have all promotional codes for all 4 lines  in my account stating just as I was presented during shopping.   

But... in February 2024 I received costco card with $75  I called in march to check why other cards dldidnt arrived and I got answer from Representative that it takes more than 8 weeks to process.  

So I waited... And I called in today on May 3rd to see when I may expect them. I got answers that I will not get it and that I don't qualify.  And that they will send me a $75 for main line  and $25 for another line but for third and internet line nothing.  

At the same time I was looking in my app that I have all those promotional codes for $150 per line waiting to be sent.. 

I don't know is this costco/ t mobile general scam or is a scam of customer service representatives who steal those promo cards to their addresses and then claim that we actually don't have that promo we have signed in for.. 


Anyway, don't fall for it. No matter how much they claim you will get when you are signing contract you can count that it they will make up a way to decrease it multiple times.. they will make you crazy and claim that promo you signed is different than what you signed for even if you have it printed or screenshot.. 


I just followed up on my Costco promotion virtual cards with T Mobile.

I checked on line first and then called the called T-Mobile for additional information.

 It has been 87 days since my submission. The customer service rep said I had submitted all of my information but it would not be approved until after 90 days and then it may be another 5 weeks before I receive my virtual cards.

I am confused as to why it takes 90 days for approval if they have all my information and why it would take 5 weeks to receive a text to redeem my virtual card.

I converted from AT&T and have been impressed with T-Mobiles customer service until this point. 

I was handed off to an off shore call center where I had difficulty understanding the customer service rep and he had a difficult time understanding me.

I tried to escalate to a supervisor unsuccessfully. 




YES!!! We purchased a new phone on October 1, 2023 and as of February 1, 2024, we do not have our Costco card. We have called TMobile 4 times and they just keep telling us to be patient

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Sometimes it takes 8 weeks but you can try using the link below to try to check the status.