im so sick of this im ready to leave and sue

  • 2 October 2023
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327 phone calls over 2 days from 0600 texas time till 1800 texas time not 1 us rep.

Im so sick of being hung up on, questions not answered,  transfered to this person and that person, ask for a supervisor oh no we cant et u one.

This is ridiculous. I will not deal with over seas call centers with personal or business info.

Ive had enough. They add $1140.00 to my bill after using my insurance to replace my phone. Sent old phone back in return packaging. Was taken by ups when they picked up a bunch of packages that went out. There insurance company says they didnt get it and im on the hook for it.

Well im not paying for something i dont have. Im done dealing with these call centers and non english que card readers.

Im a us citizen and want to only deal with people in my own country.

They say they care about your experience.  The they do. 

Tmobile is a joke im just done. Lawsuit being filed against them for this money added to my account as well as the aggrivation of these stupid call centers. 

6 replies

Tmobile also disabled three of my phones (I paid myself in full thousands of dollars on the market for them) without giving a replacement, they only try to sell me different phones for the money and for herding customers to 5g.

Offsore “reps” are a joke, they are paid to waste our time and drive us in circle to death, they lied to me about solutions never came. We are not customers, we are data entry terminals. Phone mobile carriers and isps must cost nothing, furthermore, we’re supposed to get paid for touching their “services”. We the customers are the service providers.



That's unfortunate to hear as I've come to expect nothing but the finest quality of customer support chat in an application, institutions financial or telecom and that's a lot. Coming from the kinda scenarios, real life and broad situations how adaptive and trusting the King 👑 and the talent of what sent my way understanding of how things match up for the energy attached for what reasons why very important to take each and everything a customer says as important as possible for every single word they say. That's been mentioned. Just might be exactly what is going on with the life of wherever legally unacceptable, unacceptable. UNACCEPTABLE.but to your complaint for the subject is there any better way you think that you could have been approached by and what.. if so should you not mind me asking be a way you could have been working with them alongside the areas you felt misunderstood., or not entirely sure having heard exactly? If you can help me with answering me on that then maybe ordered from the higher of degrees you'll have the ability to receive the quality of service I find as their guarantee.

Tmobile also charged me $25 for a power adapter plus $15 shipping without me to order it. I called customer service and I complained about this unauthorized charge and order and they told me to return it at the store. I was at the store today to return it but they won’t take it because it is not from their store. What to do now? Should I report the charge as fraud to my bank? See below what the link to the receipt tmobile sent me shows:



I think you should get it reimbursed or added towards your monthly bill with proof of receipt no questions asked.. and once every 30 days allowed. So wether it was a scam on someone else's end or not what it's doing is building better business relations with the customer (more than just an end user) and the company itself. Showing their name matches up to the quality of support you should come to accept from choosing T-Mobile as your lifetime provider.


Loyalty.. right? That's how you get loyalty, a company. And from the top. Where for once you get treated like first place, like the 1% of a quality you an individual having faith in the company should have an ability to have felt. To continue and be treated as right? That's the kinda recurring payment, from th recurring expectation of what quality really means. Quality product, for the hard working. Quality of an individual who you are. Their guarantee 


The recurring payment* cough ahem over weighing the price if the free charger you should be getting back once a month