im so sick of this im ready to leave and sue

  • 2 October 2023
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327 phone calls over 2 days from 0600 texas time till 1800 texas time not 1 us rep.

Im so sick of being hung up on, questions not answered,  transfered to this person and that person, ask for a supervisor oh no we cant et u one.

This is ridiculous. I will not deal with over seas call centers with personal or business info.

Ive had enough. They add $1140.00 to my bill after using my insurance to replace my phone. Sent old phone back in return packaging. Was taken by ups when they picked up a bunch of packages that went out. There insurance company says they didnt get it and im on the hook for it.

Well im not paying for something i dont have. Im done dealing with these call centers and non english que card readers.

Im a us citizen and want to only deal with people in my own country.

They say they care about your experience.  The they do. 

Tmobile is a joke im just done. Lawsuit being filed against them for this money added to my account as well as the aggrivation of these stupid call centers. 

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