+8009374604? Chinese service from T-Mobile?

  • 26 October 2022
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I got a phone call this afternoon which is a Chinese man saying that he’s from T-Mobile in Chinese service. Does T-Mobile have a phone service for Chinese in real person specking? I think, the phone number is +8009374604.

7 replies

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Nope it's most likely a scam.

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The 800 country code is set up for International Freephone service but I have never heard of it actually working. It sounds like some sort of scam to me. I’d be wary.

I got a phone call this morning +800 6865730

a Chinese man claim he is from T mobile and speaking in Mandarin said somebody used my ID and email applied a T mobile phone number . 

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Sounds like a phishing attempt to me.  I would delete and ignore.

I got similar phone call today. A man speaking Mandarin Chinese claiming he is a T-Mobile employee with an employee ID. He told me that someone used my identity to open a T-Mobile account in Chengdu China. I need to report the scam to the Chinese enforcement authorities. He needs my name. passport number, SSN….. beware and be careful everyone. 

I received one today from 1-800-905-8323.  

I got multiple calls today. The people on the phone only speak Chinese. They claimed they are AT&T Chinese customer service. They said that someone use my identity to register a phone number at the AT&T counter at the Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang International Airport in China (I asked them to spell the name for me) on March 12th 2023 at 3:18pm Beijing time. Now, I have no business with AT&T for many year, and I haven’t travel to China this year. They know my surname and my email address. They gave me a case number, and the “worker”’s name and employee ID. And then they transferred my call to “the Chinese police”. At this point, they hadn’t ask me any personal information, so I still have a tiny hope that this was not a scam, until I search their number in the internet. So I tried to talk to the “police” with my very limited Mandarin, and the “police” on the phone does not seems to understand what was going on, and I was very frustrated after 30min conversation with the scammers, so I hanging up the phone. The scammers was not giving up and called me 26 times in 17min. These are the numbers they used:

  • 888-608-0129
  • 800-331-0567
  • 888-608-4863
  • 888-608-2420
  • 800-937-3758
  • 8621 2308 0888
  • 8621 5500 4857

I hope Tmobile/AT&T can do something about it. At least put case in there website to warn people.