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  • 7 March 2024
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I have 5 lines in my account with Magenta® MAX plan. How many extra line I can added? Can I add these line by Tmobile website or it need a eligibility check by Tmobile?  Thanks.


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Try going to your MyTmobile account and check the phones. It usually gives you option to upgrade or add a line.

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Most plans have up to 5 voice lines without calling in. Certain plans can have you go up to 12, but you have to call in and need a credit check to go past 5(if you have been with T-Mobile past 5 years in good standing I believe they wave the check). After that, you will need a business plan. I used to have 10 lines but my kids moved out of the nest and in-laws are no longer around so I ended switching to the 55 plans so I am unsure on some of the details on potential changes. 


Legacy plans are locked at 5. The newer plans can go higher, require a credit check(unsure about the wave since it's been a while. This could have changed). 12 max is still the same as back then. Anything past that you need a business account.