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  • 8 April 2024
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Hello everyone, 


                             I put in a claim 1 week ago today for a replacement phone from Assurant, paying my deductible instantly via Debit Card. Has anyone else had to wait quite a while for Assurant to ship out phones, and I’m also wondering what T-mobile themselves might do in the way of a bill credit, since I’m not able to use the wireless service I’m paying for? Very frustrated considering I pay extra for P360.  

5 replies

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It depends on the phone and if they have a replacement available.


Thanks for your reply, Moto Razr 2023 is the device. But what gets me is on Tmo’s homepage they are advertising open enrollment for P360 till June on any device regardless of where you purchased the phone. And they can’t even give me a ballpark estimate as to when I’ll get a replacement device. 

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Personally I never bother with insurance, luckily I've never needed it but I do have it now due to me paying my bill with my Wells Fargo card but I don't have to pay.

Also if you look in the fine print they can replace the phone with a different model than the one you have of equal value. I've seen a lot of complaints about this.

I have Assurant P360 on my device since that's T-Mobile's partner and the insurance company they refer you to and seemingly want you to use and deal with. It took 3 days of wasting time on the phone to even file the claim always getting disconnected and the like, and 12 days ago I was able to get the claim filed, which was on a Friday but they didn't withdraw the deductible until Monday. Now it's going into the 10th day that I'm without a replacement device yet I pay the insurance premium on every bill and was charged a $250 deductible and haven't received the replacement device which is a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, I've been on the phone and on the website chatting with chatbots to no end and they keep reassuring me they're doing everything to expedite the process. Yet there's no change in status just that my claim has been approved and the device is on the way but hasn't been shipped. And I feel like this can go on forever and never receive the replacement device! Is there anything that can be done, or was I duped into thinking I had coverage if anything happened to the device? I'm 60 years old and my health is failing and I don't have the time and energy to chase around after a phone like this. I don't know why they tout their replacement schedule as next day if it's not so. It seems like they're running a big confidence game and it's not right it's actually unlawful. What once they get big enough like T-Mobile takes over all the smaller competition phone companies they think that gives them a right to treat customers like this? That's the problem with monopolies they start thinking that there's no one else you can go to and nothing you can do. There's plenty of suckers where they came from. Does anybody have any idea of what I should do or course of action I should take? Thank you it be much appreciated. Sincerely Edward Jones, Jhon Jones.




Badge I contacted them on Facebook messenger, and heard back almost instantly. Now, I’m still waiting to hear from someone about resolution via email, messenger, or home phone, and I’d rather not file a BBB complaint without giving them a chance. Now, BBB complaints don’t have to be addressed or even paid attention to, and the process takes 2 weeks. That, and letting my 3500 facebook friends, as well as everyone else who will listen know that Assurant absolutely, positively, does not care about its customers is the only recourse I have. And what’s shocking is T-mobile has around 120 million subscribers and I believe only uses Assurant except in NY. But not for long at this rate..because I’m on the fence about recommending T-mo as a carrier. Which sucks because I haven’t forgotten they are pretty much the only reason we have a choice in whether to sign wireless contracts or not.